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We help developers, and the companies they work for, stay up-to-date via our range of email digests. Reaching a combined audience of over 460,000 subscribers. Our newsletters enjoy high levels of engagement, seeing net open rates between 30% – 60%.

Email Newsletters

JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Weekly

Our most popular newsletter, reaching over 170,000 JavaScript and web developers.

Launched in November 2010, JavaScript Weekly was our second newsletter, but quickly became our most heavily subscribed and best known in the rapidly evolving JavaScript community.

JavaScript Weekly is aimed at JavaScript developers and web developers with an interest in JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js, and related technologies.

Frontend newsletter

Frontend Focus

A newsletter for those in the web design, web development, and browser-based technology spaces.

Frontend Focus, curated by Chris Brandrick, covers HTML, CSS, browsers and their related technologies, such as WebGL, the Web Audio API, and the myriad of APIs that make up the modern web experience. The newsletter targets web developers and designers, with a focus on web browser technology and the wider web platform.

Ruby newsletter

Ruby Weekly

Our first newsletter, and the most popular newsletter in the Ruby and Rails communities.

Ruby Weekly launched in August 2010 and is now one of the most read Ruby and Rails oriented publications in the famously dispersed and diverse Ruby community — our sponsors find a lot of value in reaching that audience in a single place.

The newsletter is curated by both Peter Cooper and Glenn Goodrich.

Node newsletter

Node Weekly

A Node.js-focused spin-off to our JavaScript Weekly publication.

Node Weekly was originally launched in August 2013 to be an ancillary newsletter to JavaScript Weekly, picking up all of the Node related articles and links that were beginning to take over JavaScript Weekly’s issues at the time.

It grew quicker than expected and has become one of our largest and most important titles in its own right.

Golang newsletter

Golang Weekly

The most popular newsletter amongst the rapidly growing Go community.

Golang Weekly is the leading email publication for developers using Google’s server-side programming language.

Go has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, with the newsletter now reaching nearly 30,000 subscribers each week.

React newsletter

React Status

A publication focused on the increasingly popular open-source JavaScript library, React.

React Status launched during August 2016, following a growing demand for a newsletter concentrated solely on React and React Native content. It joins our JavaScript Weekly and Node Weekly newsletters in serving the diverse JavaScript community.

Since launch the newsletter has grown quickly — React Status now reaches nearly 40,000 subscribers every week.

Postgres Weekly

Postgres Weekly

The newsletter for one of the most popular open source relational database systems in the world.

Postgres Weekly is dedicated to the open source PostgreSQL relational database management system, curated by one of the world’s foremost Postgres experts — Craig Kerstiens.

Last updated: March 2024.