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Cooperpress publishes a variety of weekly email publications, reaching a combined audience of over 330,000 subscribers. Our newsletters enjoy high levels of engagement, seeing net open rates of 35% – 60%.

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In addition to publishing newsletters Cooperpress also operate a small number of related websites, covering topics such as Ruby, JavaScript and more.

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Cooperpress publishes a variety of weekly email publications, reaching a combined audience of over 300,000 subscribers. Our newsletters enjoy high levels of engagement, seeing net open rates of 35% – 60%.

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Email Newsletters

JavaScript Weekly

Established in 2010, JavaScript Weekly was the second email newsletter we introduced. The newsletter appeals to developers with an interest in JavaScript and related technologies, such as Angular, React, and Node.js.

JavaScript Weekly shares the latest industry news, tutorials, demos and articles, reaching over 100,000 subscribers every week.

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FrontEnd Focus

Frontend Focus started life as HTML5 Weekly in 2011 but was renamed in 2016 to better reflect the content being shared.

The free, weekly email newsletter covers HTML, CSS, WebGL, and other associated technologies. Now reaching over 70,000 subscribers, Frontend Focus shares news, articles, tutorials and code examples for those interested in web browser technology and the web platform generally.

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Ruby Weekly

Our first email newsletter, Ruby Weekly started it all during the summer of 2010.

Since then, the newsletter has grown to serve over 40,000 subscribers, becoming one of the most read Ruby and Rails-oriented publications.

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Node Weekly

Launched in 2013, Node Weekly focuses solely on the popular Node.js runtime environment. The need for a publication devoted to Node.js came about due to the growing number of Node-related content we found ourselves sharing in JavaScript Weekly.

As a result, Node Weekly was created as a sister publication to cover the increasing interest in the open-source technology. The newsletter now reaches over 30,000 subscribers each week.

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React Status

React Status

Launched in the summer of 2016, React Status is the latest newsletter in the Cooperpress family.  With a focus purely on the increasingly popular React library, React Status shares news, tutorials and helpful links covering the React Native and React.js space. 

Currently still in beta, the newsletter reaches just over 5,000 subscribers each week.

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DB Weekly

Our weekly database newsletter shares insight and updates on a wide range of database topics and tools, including SQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis and more.

Nearly 10,000 developers and managers subscribe to DB Weekly to stay up-to-date and to better inform their decisions.

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Web Operations Weekly

Web Operations Weekly launched in early 2015 and is fast approaching 10,000 subscribers. The newsletter covers the process of getting web pages from servers to users, and everything in between.

The topic mix found in Web Operations Weekly is geared towards web developers with a significant interest in how their pages are deployed and served up to end users.

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Mobile Web Weekly

Our mobile-facing weekly newsletter covering the convergence of the web, native apps, hybrid apps and the rise of progressive web apps.

Curated by Holly Schinsky, Brian Rinaldi and the Cooperpress team, the newsletter focuses on topics such as React Native, Ionic, jQuery Mobile, Cordova, Phonegap and more.

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Go Newsletter

Go is an increasingly popular server-side programming language developed at Google. Matthew Cottingham started the Go Newsletter in 2013, and in early 2015 the publication was acquired by us here at Cooper Press.

The newsletter has now grown to become the most popular amongst the growing Go community.

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Postgres Weekly

Postgres Weekly started life in 2013, delivering the latest news and updates on one of the most popular open-source relational database systems in the world.

The newsletter is curated by one of the foremost Postgres experts, Craig Kerstiens and published in-house by Cooperpress. The newsletter has now sent in excess of 150 issues, reaching nearly 10,000 subscribers each week.

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