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Cooperpress Spam and UCE Policy

As a reputable publisher of weekly newsletters, we have no interest in taking part in, or assisting, spam or unsolicited commercial email. Our email newsletters are double opt in and advertising is handled delicately.

We do not accept advertising from advertisers involved in mass unsolicited marketing campaigns or who, to our knowledge, have participated or assisted spam or unsolicited commercial email schemes.

Further, Cooper Press Ltd does not promote itself through spam or mass unsolicited commercial email schemes.

Our subscribers’ email addresses are stored securely by certified third party providers and have not and will not be sold or rented to other third parties.

We live upon our reputation and spam is not something we wish to be associated with.

Access To Information We Store About You

As per the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK), you are able to ask us to send you all of the information we hold about you (subject to certain legal limitations). To do this, please use the email address below and provide any information we may need in order to locate information we store about you.

Any Questions

If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at