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Cooperpress publishes weekly email newsletters to an audience of over 300,000 developers and software engineers.

We help developers and the companies they work for stay up to date by informing them of the latest developments on the tools and technologies they use every day. If you want to reach software developers keeping an eye out for new tools, services and technologies, we can help.

We have a variety of weekly publications with high levels of engagement and net open rates of 35%-60%. Our sponsors typically get great levels of engagement and value from our readers.

Our sponsors benefit not just from appearing within our publications, but things we link to frequently get reposted or spread to social media and sites like Hacker News and Reddit.

A variety of opportunities are available for companies interested in reaching software developers in a variety of niches, both in terms of sponsorships and content development. Due to high levels of interest, we maintain a waiting list and take reservations each quarter in advance, so reaching out early is a good idea.


We have been advertising in Ruby Weekly for a while, and it has proven to be the only paid-for advertising that has worked for us.


Roy Tomeij AppSignal

Their results as well as their high level of customer service have consistently exceeded expectations.


Bistra Anguelova Hired

The quality of traffic we saw from Node Weekly was just fantastic - thanks so much for helping us get started in the community!


Brent Jensen Stormpath

Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer sponsorship opportunities across all of our publications. An example of the options available in our email newsletters follows:

Primary Sponsorships
A single sponsor receives a full-sized link, along with company name, image, and descriptive text. It fits in with our typical featured content but is marked as sponsored. It attracts the highest engagement levels of all of our formats.

Job Listings
Solely for companies offering jobs (full-time, part-time, or freelance) or promoting job-related services of interest to developers. Please reach out to us to discuss these further or take a look at our job booking system

Sponsored Links
Multiple sponsors get a link that blends in with other ‘In brief’ items in an issue, but is marked as sponsored. Some descriptive text can be included and a content “tag” may be applied, at our discretion.

Want more information on advertising opportunities with Cooperpress? Check out our latest media kit:

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