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Cooperpress is a niche computer science and software developer focused publisher of:

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  • and e-books

We also provide advertising and consulting services for companies wishing to reach software developers.

Any Questions? Contact us!

If you have questions or suggestions, the ideal way to get a quick response is by emailing team@cooperpress.com. We will strive to get back to you ASAP.

Alternatively, you can call us on:

  • United States: (650) 319-7334
  • United Kingdom: (020) 8133 3547

Times vary widely, but typically good hours are Mon-Fri between 10am-5pm UK time (6am-1pm Eastern, 3am-10am Pacific). Calls for other times can be scheduled via email.

Our street address is:

Cooper Press Ltd.
Fairfield Enterprise Centre
Lincoln Way
LN11 0LS
United Kingdom

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Our Policies

As a business, we have a number of policies which are in place primarily for our customers’ well-being and security. You can learn about these here:

  • Our spam policy outlines our stance on unsolicited commercial email (it’s bad!) and notes that we store our email databases with a secure third party provider.
  • Our privacy policy outlines what data we collect (whether directly or through cookies) and what we do (or can do) with those data.
  • Our terms of service more broadly outlines some of our policies, including our conduct, our customers’ conduct, our refund policies, our warranty disclaimer, our copyright infringement reporting process, and our legal indemnity.

Staff — Meet the Cooper Press team

Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper
Publisher-In-Chief (Director)

Kristina Hicks

Kristina Hicks
President & Sales Director

Olly Hanstock

Olly Hanstock
Customer Relations Manager

Chris Brandrick

Chris Brandrick
Editorial Director

Laura Cooper

Laura Cooper
HR Manager

External Contributors

Mobile Web Weekly Curators

Holly Schinsky
Brian Rinaldi

Postgres Weekly Curator

Craig Kerstiens

Ruby Weekly & Golang Weekly Curator

Glenn Goodrich

Serverless Status Curator

Raymond Camden

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