Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough

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The Most Comprehensive Walkthrough of Ruby 1.9 for Ruby 1.8 Developers.

The Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough is a thorough, video-based walkthrough of Ruby 1.9! What's new? What's gone? What things could you trip over?

I'm Peter Cooper, the author of Beginning Ruby and editor of Ruby Inside. I created The Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough because the "What's new in Ruby 1.9?" articles I found were either out of date (a lot has changed) or only skim the basics.

This screencast is the most thorough and up to date guide to Ruby 1.9 (based on 1.9.2 and 1.9.3) from the Ruby 1.8 perspective.

To get a feel for it, I've made the whole first hour available below as a preview!

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What You'll Learn

For the full contents scroll down the page a bit further, but here's some of what you'll pick up:

  • How proc and lambda behavior differs significantly from 1.8
  • How to wrestle with character encodings like UTF-8 (and issues to be aware of when upgrading old apps)
  • The new and differing ways to check range membership
  • How old Ruby 1.9 is and where it has descended from
  • New tricks and techniques opened up by the awesome new Oniguruma-based regular expression engine
  • The new MiniTest::Unit and MiniTest::Spec libraries
  • Quickly calling system library functions with Fiddle
  • Code coverage utilities right in the stdlib
  • Extensions to splat (*) behavior in 1.9
  • New hash syntax and key changes to hash methods
  • The 3 different encoding types in 1.9 and why each is important
  • What fibers are, how they compare to threads, and how threads have changed
  • Why Proc#=== makes sense as a way to call procs.. sometimes
  • 1.9.3 specific updates (stuff that's not even in 1.9.2!)
  • How to tweak the garbage collector in 1.9.3
  • .. and I've barely scratched the surface!

"Watching Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough by @peterc and it's awesome!" — Uģis Ozols


Want a preview? You've got it. The entire first hour of Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough is available here:

The Full Contents


Video 1

  • The History of Ruby 1.9
  • Alternative 1.9 Implementations
  • Key Changes (Overview)
  • Getting Ruby 1.9
  • Strings
  • Character Encoding
  • Hashes
  • Arrays

Video 2

  • Procs and Lambdas
  • Blocks
  • Enumerators and Enumerable
  • Regular Expressions
  • Threads
  • Fibers
  • Time
  • Standard Library (New and Gone)

Video 3

  • New Syntax and Miscellaneous Elements
  • Garbage Collection
  • Ruby 1.9.3 Specifics
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My "Keep The Stuff" Money Back Guarantee

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P.S. Still not convinced you want to buy the walkthrough?

That's OK! It's not for everyone or to everyone's taste. If, however, you'd like to get a feel for Ruby 1.9 without buying my video, check out this thorough review of its contents, as well as these notes I used to produce the videos. They may provide enough for you to start researching on your own. Good luck!